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Fertility Evaluation


Identifying the cause of infertility, the roadblock that stands between you and a baby, is the critical first step in devising a fertility treatment plan. At Reproductive Care of Indiana, it is our goal that on your first visit, you feel hope. We wish success for all of our patients, and we will do everything we can to make your family-building dream come true.


The first step toward that dream is a new patient appointment with Reproductive Care. A thorough review of your medical history and records, including surgeries, will be completed with care and concern and then recommendations for testing appropriate to your situation will be made. You may have had some fertility related testing in the past, so please bring your records with you to your visit. We think it is very important to look at each test and piece of information as pieces to a puzzle. Together they create a picture that leads us to a solution that fits each couple individually.

Female Factor Fertility Evaluation


The goal of your fertility evaluation is to identify a specific cause or causes of infertility, and to then recommend appropriate targeted treatments. The evaluation process may include a pelvic ultrasound, Blood work, HSG/Hysterosalpingogram, and / or a Sonohysterogram. Dr. Henry  and our nurses will work closely with you to provide a comprehensive evaluation and treatment tailored to your particular situation. As you start your infertility treatment, please know our fertility specialists are in partnership with you throughout your care and realize the importance of listening to your thoughts, questions and concerns.


Male Factor Infertility Evaluations


While the majority of attention is related to the diagnosis and treatment of infertility directed toward women, approximately 50% of all cases of infertility are due to abnormalities in sperm production or function. For men, a semen analysis is the first test recommended. Blood work may follow, and in some cases, a more advanced male evaluation with a urologist may be recommended. We may refer you to a male infertility specialist.



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